It's just what we do.


Levi and I (Kacie) were married in 2006. My family farms grass seed for a living, his raises livestock. Agriculture is just the life that we know, and we love it!

Georgia- 11 years old. She has the true passion for animals. She has raised 22 bummer lambs on her own last year, and has just entered the 4H world. Georgia often helps me at Saturday Market and is pro gate opener :)

Grant-9 years old. Loves to take things apart, collect bones, cut the strings of hay bales and chase his chickens.

Rita- 6 years old. My right hand girl. Attached at the hip. Loves baby lambs and riding the honda.

Levi is a fifth generation farmer/rancher with a degree in horticulture from OSU. He's always evolving and educating himself on the "next big thing".

Kacie- I'm a farmers daughter & granddaughter. I'm blessed to have a "job" that allows me to be with my kids all the time. I'm always learning and love the experience this market has brought me.