We primarily raise sheep for a living here in the Willamette Valley on  our own acreage and some rented pastures from Halsey to Albany, Oregon. We added a handful of cattle for our own freezer and a few family members in 2006.  We've grown our herd to meet the demand for good, naturally grown beef.  Angus, Hereford and White Park are our breeds. We let them graze just like our Sheep! No grain is introduced, and we feed alfalfa and grass hay to our mama cows over the winter. 

I've hosted a booth at our local farmers market for the past four years where I have a selection of our beef & lamb for sale by the cut/lb. Our family of 5 has EVERYTHING to do with this business.  Turn up your volume and watch the video to your right to catch a glimpse at what we do here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

2016 Video - Click on the white arrow to see video about us!

2017/18 Video—Only took me 6 months to make! Take a peek.