About Lamb

Cut to your specs- you will talk to the butcher
We use Marks Meats in Canby for our lamb processing.
Cost is $5.50/lb on the hanging weight & includes cut/wrap fees.
Can include a variety of steaks, roasts, stew, kabob and ground lamb.
Each animal will yield differently.  I can provide the exact weight on cutting day- "the cold weight".


1/2 of a Lamb

2 grocery bags full.
1 shelf on your upright freezer, stacked.
Approx 35lbs hanging.

What is "Hanging Weight"?

The animal is slaughtered, the skin, head, non usable organs, and hooves are removed and the carcass is split down the middle and weighed, giving the butcher the "hanging weight". This is typically 50% of the live weight of the animal.

The "boxed" or "take home" weight will be less than the hanging weight.  The percentage of the hanging weight that remains is called the "carcass cutting yield" or "yield" for short and is generally between %60-%70 of hanging weight.  This percentage varies based on numerous factors including bone in v.s. boneless cuts, the amount of fat trimmed and how much of the animal was ground for burger.